Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I purchase your clipart images?
A: You can purchase our clipart images simply by putting the collections you want into our e-shopping cart and checking out online.

Q: Is it safe to pay you online and what are the payment options?
A: We process all payments through reputable company so the maximum of security is guaranteed. We don’t have any access to customers’ sensitive information such are credit card numbers. You can pay online with any major credit card or through PayPal which is one of the available billing options at

Q: When will I get purchased images?
A: Right after the payment is cleared, therefore within minutes. Soon after the payment is verified you will receive another email with download instructions.

Q: Do I get images on CD?
A: No, we don't mail out CDs any more but you are free to backup the images you purchased from us by putting them on CD, DVD or any other digital media, as long as you don't redistribute them.

Q: Do you provide catalogs of images along with the CDs?
A: Yes, every set features very neat vector PDF catalog easily printable in Letter or A4 paper format.

Q: I tried to order some set(s) but my credit card didn't go through. What should I do?
A: Please try to use another credit cart. If it fails again please contact us and we will offer to you several other payment options.

Q: Do you accept Paypal?
A: Yes, you will be able to choose Paypal or credit card during the checkout process.

Q: I don't want to buy the whole set just to get a few images that I need. Do you sell images separately?
A: No, sorry. Please notice, however, that a whole set of our content usually costs the same or less as a single image on various microstock sites!

Q: I ordered some collections a few months ago but lost all of the images by accident. Is my license still worth? Is there a way to get the images back?
A: By purchasing our images you are getting lifetime license to the purchased content so it is certain that your license is still worth. As for the images themselves, just contact us and we'll manually setup download for you.


Q: Is your content royalty-free?
A: Yes, our content is 100% royalty-free.

Q: Are there any limits related to usage of your images?
A: Yes, please read Terms of Use before ordering. In a nutshell, as long as you don't resell the images themselves you are free to use the images any way you like.

Q: I provide design services and want to use some of your images for my design work. Do my customers have to purchase images that I used for designs that I provided them with although I already paid for them?
A: No, one license (purchased by you or your client) is enough. Please notice however that your clients won't be allowed to resell the product again without purchasing a new license. Therefore, license may be partially transferred only once.

Q: I am manufacturer of t-shirts/stickers/badges/etc and want to print your images on them. Does your Terms of Use cover this kind of usage or do I have to pay additionally for that?
A: Yes, print away! If you sell 1000 or 10,000 t-shirts with our image(s) then more power to you - you don't owe us an additional cent!


Q: I paid for the images and received payment confirmation email. When will you send me the images that I ordered?
A: You should receive download instructions soon after the payment is cleared. This is automatic process and at this point our personal assistance isn't neither needed nor possible. If you don't receive email within a hour please check if the email with download instructions didn't make it through spam email filer that you and/or your email account providers are possibly using. If you still can't find it, please contact us and we will manually setup download for you. Otherwise, this is a rare situation.

Q: I downloaded images but the archive is broken and/or some images are missing. What should I do?
A: Our images are delivered directly from our stable servers so this kind of problem is very rare, however if it happens please contact us and we'll manually setup download for you at earliest convenience. Please notice that it may take a day or two before we respond, especially if you placed the order over the weekend or holiday. In most cases we'll respond in up to a few hours though. In most cases this kind of problem happens due to a customer's slow and/or unstable connection.

Q: I tried to download images several times but download failed every time. How and when will I get my images?
A: Please contact us and we will manually setup download for you as soon as possible. This kind of problem may occur for several reasons, starting from your slow/bad internet connection to firewall, anti-virus or some other software that prevents you from downloading the images.


Q: I can't use EPS images. I need images in GIF/BMP/TIFF/JPG/etc format. What should I do?
A: Please ask someone to convert images for you or search online for free or cheap image converters (there are plenty of them).

Q: I can't open images in Corel Draw / Adobe Illustrator / Macromedia Freehand / etc. This software definitely supports EPS file format. Is something wrong with your images.
A: Our images are tested with several different software applications and on various PC and Mac platforms and they should always work, however we noticed that different versions of the same software (Corel Draw, for example) would import our images with Open command while others would import them with Import command. Please try both.

Q: I have different problem with using your images, not covered in this F.A.Q.
A: Please contact us and we will give our best to assist you as soon as possible.