Vector Artists Wanted

We do accept vector art submissions. If you are producer and/or copyright holder of high quality vector art, we are offering you chance to get more exposure and increase your earnings.

We are interested in good quality themed vector collections with at least 20 images each. Please stay off gradients and such. We prefer low-size black & white images - our customers are mostly professional designers that definitely do know how to color a vector image.

We are not interested in any of the following:
- Auto-traced vectors with high number of vector nodes
- Individual vector images - don't send us samples unless you have at least 20 themed images
- Vector images that aren't compatible with most of graphic design applications (typical example: images created using special tools in newer versions of Adobe Illustrator such as gradient mesh)

Finally, we are definitely not interested in bitmap 3D images, no matter the quality. We produce, sell and resell vector images ONLY.

Before you send us any samples please be aware of the following:
- You need to be absolute copyright holder of the images that you plan to send us for review
- While you'll be setting the prices of your sets on your own, we will only accept to resell collections at the lowest available prices. If you are reselling with other companies already and at different prices, you have to let us know about the lowest price and to keep us updated about any price changes. This includes prices on your site(s) too.
- Payment for sales are sent through Paypal.
- The payments are sent in up to 7 days after the the sale(s) occurred. If a charge-back occurs later the amount will be debit from next sale(s) revenue.

The following are benefits or having us reselling your collections:

- We will pay you 50% of the gross revenue - we cover in full all processing and other fees
- Customers info is available in the stats so your sales records will remain clear and up-to-date
- You and/or your company will be credited on the preview pages. We don't take credits for other companies' products.

If you are interested, please email us with your info and couple of EPS, AI (up to ver 8) or Corel Draw (up to ver 10) samples. We will review the images and get back to you as soon as possible.

In order to gain more exposure and earn more money you can also submit your vectors to microstock sites. Out of many that we have tested we chose Dreamstime microstock agency to regularly submit our vector images to. Unlike many others, this company is both popular and fair toward their contributors. You may want to learn more about microstock sites at Submit Stock Photos site first.